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January 2018
January 2018 inspiration artwork ~ by Amy Bassin -click here to view-

January 2018 edition:

'That Moment in Time' ~ by Agnes Clarke -click here to view-

'Pardon Me' ~ by JD DeHart -click here to view-

'Patience' ~ by Deb Felio -click here to view-

'Marie' ~ by Jose Recio -click here to view-

February 2018
February 2018 inspiration artwork ~ by Maggie Maggie -click here to view-

February 2018 edition:

'Flying Lessons' ~ by Judy Shepps Battle -click here to view-

'Use Your Wings' ~ by Church Rowe -click here to view-

'The Fairy Glen' ~ by Agnes Clarke -click here to view-

'Wings' ~ by Megan -click here to view-

March 2018
March 2018 inspiration artwork ~ by Dianne Hope -click here to view-

March 2018 edition:

'Supernatural Delight' ~ by Tim Philippart -click here to view-

'The Deer' ~ by Jose L Recio -click here to view-

'Lake Como Stopover' ~ by Salvatore Difalco -click here to view-

'Giants' ~ by Lynn White -click here to view-

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We are open to submissions of artwork to inspire stories and stories inspired by the artwork - how very Ouroboros of us!

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