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October 31, 2010

October 2010 Edition – Halloween contest

October 2010’s edition of With Painted Words is now available. This edition features the following:

‘You Don’t Belong’ ~ by Sarah Hendrix
‘My Version’ ~ by Jennifer Michelle N.
‘The Mermaid’ ~ by C. Martinez
‘The Natural End of a Clockwork Boy’ ~ by Kelly Stiles
‘Phenakistoscopes and House Tocks’ ~ by Catherine Battreal

This month was a special Halloween themed edition, with a prize being awarded to the story chosen by myself and Chris Howard.  This was an exceptionally hard decision to make as the five stories that made it through were all of such high quality; both Chris and myself spent a long time trying to decide which of the stories submitted should be ‘the one’ to get the prize and our top five list changed more than once.  When we both finalised it, however, we both had the same story in first place (so to speak) which, as I am sure you can understand, made things easier for us (we didn’t have to call in any stunt-double judges, for example).

So, without further ado, the story that ‘won’ the 2010 Halloween themed contest edition of With Painted Words – with a prize a copy of ‘Seaborn’ by Chris Howard and a copy of ‘Rigor Amortis’ featuring the short story ‘Always and Forever’ by Jay Faulkner – is:

You Don’t Belong by Sarah Hendrix.

Submissions for the November 2010 edition will open on the 1st November and will close on 25th November 2010.  Please check out http://www.withpaintedwords.com to read the October edition and find out more about November’s


October 1, 2010

October 2010 submissions open – themed edition with prizes!

 October 2010 prompt image

The above image is by Chris Howard – novelist, short-story writer and artist – taking centre stage as the inspiration/prompt behind the submissions.

The October 2010 edition will be published on Halloween and, as such, so have decided that this will be a horror themed affair so please keep that in mind when submitting your stories – ghosts, vampires, zombies, spiders (well, THEY scare me!), androids, mer-wtiches, whatever it is that you want to write about, just remember we want them to scare the socks off us!

There will be TWO special prizes going to the story that scares us the most: a copy of Chris’ novel, ‘Seaborn‘, as well as a copy of ‘Rigor Amortis’, an anthology of zombie stories featuring a tale by Jay Faulkner, editor of With Painted Words.