by Sreemoyee Roy Chowdhury

Are you my unicorn,

made of sleepless dreams?

Setting my butterflies aflutter

in your island of harvested summer.

Where the sun bathes

spreading out its golden-red skirt to dry,

dandelion stems float in the wind

impregnate the balmy air.

Where the mist around the pale moon,

romanticizes my childhood,

and cleanses me in your frolicking river.

You soothe me with your mystic blood,

restore my fantasies,

touch me where dusk and dawn meet



till I try to capture you,

and you impale me.








Am I your phoenix

my body of ashes your requiem?

Inhaling and exhaling

your ancient adventures

as you kindle me

with the promise of wings

to fly back to the lost nest.

In the shadow of the cave

where the sea murmurs stories

of my roots in your heart,

I self-combust. And rise again,

from your blazing fury

that smells the others on my skin,

begetting a lover from you



till you try to cage me,

and I singe you.









We un-mythologize,

efface our fables

I heal you with my phoenix tears

teach you how to burn,

so you may someday gallop in my fire.



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Writers Bio

Sreemoyee Roy Chowdhury is in her third year of PhD at Durham University, researching on the changing critical responses to Thomas Hardy’s controversial female characterizations. She is the co-editor of the journal, Postgraduate English, Durham University’s online peer-reviewed literary journal and has published academic articles in peer-reviewed journals.

Sreemoyee completed her Bachelors in English Literature from St. Xavier's College, Calcutta, India (with minors in Journalism and Bengali) and her Master’s Degree from Jadavpur University, India. 

Her poem ‘Half-Past Ennui is due to be published in the Literary Journal ‘The Poeming Pigeon’ in October, 2015.

More can be read about Sreemoyee’s research here:


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