2016-07-25 - Idol

Born and bred a county yokel Really appreciate credit acknowledgement of picture use I write short stories and also poems. Just finished 14 years of poetry about Operation Market Garden, "Arnhem Anthology" my Dutch friends are saying it must be published. However at 90 years old I can't bother so I have transferred the copyright to them to do as they wish with it. I like taking pix of steam trains and also used to take many pix of our local rugby team- (over 400 posted on Morguefile.) However had to give up the rugby pix a year ago because I could no longer stand and go up and down the touch line to follow the play. I take macro shots of flowers (weeds) that get overlooked because they are so small. Yet when seen close-up they can be as beautiful as garden flowers. Local Historian with publications shared with my niece Jane. It is relatively easy to find my likes and dislikes if you visit my Blog to find out about where I live http://bengrader.blogspot.co.uk/ Also post on Flickr as Ben Grader

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Pieces Inspired by this Image

'Angel's Wings'
by Lynn White

'The Watcher'
by Valerie Christie

by Cynthia A. DiTaranto

'The Gargoyle in the Foyer'
by Harmony Hodges

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