Down On His Luck

by Agnes Clarke

I can see by the shoes he was army

Look down and your face can be seen

Raindrops like silver they slide

Over round toecaps that fervently gleam

The straight back that carried his knapsack

Still held proud though down on his luck

Money may be at a premium

And gathering cans may be tough


That cloth cap that covers his head is charming

But begging in gutters it won’t

While breath still lives in his body

His mission is to make a point

Though times they have changed it’s a duty

To get up and independent be

If gathering cans is an answer

His family will be benefit free


Dressed in best suit and tucker he gathers

Staring people ignored without care

A harvest of cans for the taking

Tonight he’ll have money to spare

Gentle clinks sing his song of success

While colours shine bold from brands nestled therein

The weight of the bags increase his swagger

And a smile of contentment lifts his chin


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Writers Bio

I am a retired housewife and grandmother of Jacob

I have been writing poetry for quite a few years

I enjoy the challenge of creating my verse especially from pictures

I live in Lisburn N Ireland and have been married for 50 years

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