Life in Six

by Harmony Hodges


When a thin woman, carrying a bag of pop cans

Passed a thin man

Carrying two bigger bags of pop cans

she said to him, in an acerbic tone,

“You homeless bum, you disgust me”



As the man took a step forward

A sink hole opened up behind him

Car size wide and car size deep



The thin woman’s daughter,

With ratted hair and tattered shoes

Lagging behind, licking a lolly

fell right into that hole of

seering mess and necrotic decay



The man dropped his bags of cans

Plopped down prone, and pulled the girl out

Before the hungry earth could swallow her



The thin woman, far beyond the fray,

Enveloped by her own implosion

Wasn’t aware that her daughter had fallen in a sink hole

and had been saved by the “disgusting bum”


In fact, she never came back



And the man, who was quite wealthy

And was donating his cans to a shelter that day

Ended up adopting the girl

Who lived a happy, joyful, life of plenty




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Writers Bio

Harmony Hodges is a mixed media artist living in the Pacific Northwest. She writes poetry and fiction.


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