Four Thorns

by Kacey Richards

I was told I would wear

a ring on my finger when I grow up.

The ring would show commitment

to love. But when I look at rings,

all I see are thorns.

The first thorn would cut

travel out of my life.

I would be expected to settle down

in a cookie-cutter house and live

like the rest of them,

in a prescribed career for a prescribed

amount of years.

The second thorn would cut

my personality like trimming

a bush, so that I am smoothed out on the edges

because love requires sacrifice.

The third thorn would cut

into my patience,

and the fourth would cut

him out of my life. Divorce

is prescribed too, now, isn’t it?

A commitment to love and comfort is easy,

but I see no comfort

in the thought of becoming comfortable

in Everyone’s shoes.

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Writers Bio

Kacey is a college student who loves to travel. She posts her poetry at

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