Missed Flight

by Kacey Richards

As a young boy, he began to grow his wings.

He spent so much time playing with the birds,

Chasing after them and then watching them fly away,

That the adults always laughed and called him Bird Boy.

While the other children played tag or hide-and-seek,

He climbed atop a pile of rocks and jumped off,

Over and over again. His knees were all scraped up,

But his smile was wide. His wings grew wider and thicker

Until he could no longer hide them. His heart sank like a rock

The day he realized he did not belong on land.

He couldn’t leave, though, because he didn’t know how to fly.

His wings grew heavier and he soon began to wonder

If maybe he could have flied if he tried,

But he was too afraid to leave everything he knew behind.

He never really did know anything on land, though,

And it was too late to ever know the sky.

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Writers Bio

Kacey is a college student who loves to travel. She posts her poetry at meaningless--poetry.tumblr.com and travelthroughpoetry.blogspot.com.

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