The Gargoyle in the Foyer

by Harmony Hodges

Overlooking the foyer

Facing the window

Surveying the front grounds

Frozen for generations


Cracking with age

Rusting with patina regret

Denying his impending death

Unwilling to budge

He held onto the final pieces of his face

With all of his might


The crumbling mansion

In the center of a fine pungent forest

Now abandoned

But once occupied

By royalty



In emerald hues

Trees sparkled like fire

Being cut down, taken away

The only tree left

A massive elm in view of the gargoyle

Finally chopped and left for dead


Everything quiet


Another chunk fell from the gargoyle’s face


The next day, a woodsman appeared

Chain sawed an amalgamation of optimistic stature

Into the stump of the elm tree

A new creature!

The golden sun shining on its face, soaking in change

Accepting whatever was next


Watching what had happened

The gargoyle

Finally gained the courage

To stop fighting


He let the rest of his



And past

Crash to the floor below




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Writers Bio

Harmony Hodges is a mixed media artist living in the Pacific Northwest. She writes poetry and fiction.


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