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by Timothy Philippart

Now, you know what we wear under the robes.  

These good versus bad battles, where angels intervene against the forces of evil, are getting tougher; more frequent and larger in scale.  We, angels, are looking for answers, checking the variables. We're pretty much the same as the day we were created but, after this last battle, as I hang here with tattered wings, hair askew and disrobed, I have to wonder what's changed.   Oh sure, over the millennia, we have lost a few battles and some of our number were knocked out of existence.  Those bad angels haven't changed much. They still fight like hell but we have clipped their wings many times and more than a few aren't seen in the conflagrations any more.  

During some down time in heaven a few of us angels were singing, playing the harp and shooting the breeze when one of the other heavenly beings, probably a Cherubim, said, "You angels don't seem happy when you win anymore."   We got to talking among ourselves and concluded the Cherubim had a point.  The humans are less winsome.  We remembered when humans used to say, "Let the best man win."  That was before they caught on that there were good women that might win if given a chance.  Then, someone said, "let the best person win."  Angels don't have gender issues, so we thought that was a step in the right direction for humankind.  

Now, we hear, "I am for the one I dislike less.  That is rather pathetic isn't it?  What's the incentive to gird up our loins for battle when a large part of creation has grown content to choose the least unlikeable from a field of unlikeables?'    Not too long ago, locked in what I thought was a death grip, a demon hissed to me, "Harder to know who we are fighting for."  That so startled me, I just let go and the demon and I flew off in opposite directions.    

Hanging here, waiting for the heavenly sag wagon, let me say from my angelic lips to your human ears, "Get it together people.  Find more than something to be against.  Find something to live for. You really want to keep your guardian angel happy."


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Writers Bio

Tim Philippart sold his business in 2015. He ghost blogs, writes poetry and nonfiction.  He wishes he had not waited decades to pick up the pen. Silver Birch Press, WPW, Pure Slush, Indiana Voice Journal, Dissident Voice and Inwood Indiana, among others, have published his writing.

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