If I Didn’t Have Papa

by Sharayah Hooper

There is a path I take. 

It weaves

and even winds a bit. 

It is my father’s

but I follow 

in his footsteps, 

impossible to fill

but easy to follow. 

My feet fit so 

I can walk without

tripping or trudging. 

My feet stay dry. 

A bundle bounces 

in my arms. 

Mama’s pies, 

fresh and still warm. 

They heat my hands 

so the frost can’t 

bite my fingertips. 

Papa carries vegetables, 

the cream of the crop, 

to sell in town. 

We can bring Mama back

those coins she loves so much

and flour for tonight’s bread. 

The scent weaves

 in my imagination 

and I can see my breath 

hover in front of my face. 

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Writers Bio

Sharayah Hooper enjoys crocheting to late night anime. She fights traffic in Los Angeles and recently earned a bachelor's degree in creative writing. As of recently, she has taken to posting what she has been creating regularly on her blog. 


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