A Lonely Road

by Collen Driscoll

Don’t look back

To where you’ve been

Or mourn,

regretting what you failed to do


Each day offers new beginnings

The fresh, crisp snow blankets our mistakes

And allows us to start  anew


The path to tomorrow has no regrets

For lives we affected

Or left barren in its wake—

We say good-bye


You are not alone in this cold, harsh world

Though the strong wind whips your face,

Beats you down,

Pummels you deep in the snow


If you hold fast

Distance heals your wounded heart

You feel the rugged scars

Of  those who walked before you,


But their footprints leave a mark

Kind words and actions linger

As yours will when you trek  

Into the cold unknown


Onward we trudge

While others sleep, we stay our path,

Sharing the pain and pleasure

When pathways cross


Life takes us far away

If we let it

But, we are never alone


are not alone.

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Writers Bio

Colleen Driscoll resides in Bridgeport, WV with her husband and four children. Her early life, living on a farm, influenced the poem. She has three published children's stories in the Piper the Elf series. Find Colleen at http://cdriscollauthor.wixsite.com/colleendriscoll

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