by Alan David Pritchard

In the beginning, a wind blew through the darkness,

and colours, hidden by night, suddenly grew

where there was light –

and bright they shone: red, yellow, blue:

A carnival of colours,

some bright and some odd –

dancing to a tune written by God.


But then:

when mankind found rainbows

he was blind to their sheen,

and saw, instead,

the gold in between,

or at the end, he wasn’t sure –

he tried to bend the rainbow till it tore,

till it broke, till he saw

only the colours of his own greed:

green for envy, purple for spite –

red for hearts that bleed.


Why do we always keep colours apart?

a blue team here, a yellow there, let’s not start

on black and white for goodness sake.

in the playground of life it is a mistake

to believe what we have been told:

Rainbows are not about gold

or treasure or things of sorrow,

but about hopes and dreams

and the promise of tomorrow.


God’s promise echoes through the years:

believe in rainbows, not greed nor fears –

believe and you will soon come to see

that rainbows are colours in harmony.

Open your eyes, open your ears –

listen to the colourful music of the spheres.

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Writers Bio

Alan David Pritchard is a novelist, poet, playwright and writer of teacher resource materials. Originally from South Africa, he now resides on the Isle of Wight.

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