Morning Flight

by Rebecca House

Stillness in the ash-covered sky

That reaches down and quiets the fields

Dreams are broken when the wind awakens

The hunger that was concealed


Coal-coloured wings taut with expectation

Glittering eyes that greet the dawn

Patiently waits for the right moment

When swiftness loses to brawn


The stiff brown grasses rustle below

Just uncovered on the snowy hills

Dreariness unbound by streaks of light

The ache of hunger creates a thrill


A lonely cry echoes over the meadow

No one to hear, no witness to behold

Diving and gliding to catch it’s prey

Missing the target was not foretold


A primal ache deep in the belly

Drives the raven back to the sky

It perches back on the branches

And will wait for another try


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Writers Bio

Rebecca House is a freelance writer/blogger with a fascination for the macabre that was encouraged long ago while attending York University. With a B.A. (Hons.) in Psychology and History, she is a short story author, aspiring novelist and blogger. She is a member of the Writers Community of Durham Region (WCDR) and is currently working on a number of projects.

When not exploring the darker sides of the natural and supernatural worlds, she is CEO of a busy family in Prince Edward County, Ontario. You can find her at, Twitter: @rhhouse or Instagram: @rhousewriter. 

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