Water Under the Bridge

by Carla Schwartz

The breakfast hour, time for reflection,

at the back of the backyard, stacks of limbs

impress themselves into the springtime mud.

There, at the end of a leash, a dog

who needs to go bad, real bad, this dog,

and knows nothing of the shame

his master should feel as he skirts the mud,

leash in hand, tugs this way, no that, no mistaking

his intension, while the dog’s old limbs

honor his bidding, as she squats in my yard, reflecting

on pretty much nothing, and her master,

my neighbor, equaling his dog’s disinterest,

stares into his phone, his own reflection

transfixing him as I watch from my window.


The white-blond dog finishes,

and the neighbor tugs, in his shameless

impatience, and turns back, to walk limb after limb,

he and the dog, neither more limber.

My neighbor’s life with his dog

is water under the bridge.

He cares only that she,

getting on in years now,

makes no mistakes. 

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Writers Bio

Carla Schwartz’s poems have appeared in Aurorean, ArLiJo, Fourth River, Fulcrum, Bluefifth, Common Ground, Cactus Heart, Gyroscope, Mom Egg, Switched-on Gutenberg, Gyroscope, Naugatuck River, Solstice, SHARKPACK,  Triggerfish, and Ibbetson Street. Find her book, Mother, One More Thing onAmazon.com. Her second book of poems is forthcoming from Finishing Line Press. Her CB99videosyoutube channel has 1,000,000+ views. Learn more atcarlapoet.com, or wakewiththesun.blogspot.com.

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