Doctor (Palliative Care)

by Winston Plowes

Doctor (Palliative Care)

She’s working in the shallow end of life

taking care not to splash

as she walks the corridors

Holding doors open for people to talk about life.


And all of those letters she’s gathered

at the end of her name, right now

just spell out the word ‘care’.


And for some,

she’s holding the hands of their clocks that run slow.

Repeating an oath in her eyes till she’s sure

that every last thing has fallen through.

Releasing their birds in the dark.

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Writers Bio

Winston Plowes lives aboard his floating home in Calderdale, West Yorkshire. He was Poet in Residence for the Rochdale Canal Festival in 2012 and The Hebden Bridge Arts Festival 2012-14 and his first solo collection of surrealist poetry, Telephones, Love Hearts & Jellyfish (Electric Press) was launched last year. Winston is a regular teacher of creative writing in schools and for local groups and is the proud inventor of the worlds first (and possibly last) Random Poetry Generating Bicycle, the ‘Spoke-n-Word’.

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