Facing Time

by Sharon Goodier

So many watches. So little time.

We hurry, are late, early

never arrive, never leave


Mechanisms of time

counting seconds

minutes, hours

past, future

a canyon of possibilities

to jump or fly

to revel in minutes of freedom

stolen from the expectations of others


only in this moment

we are




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Writers Bio

Sharon Goodier has been published in U.S. in Adana Women’s Spirituality Anthology, Tin Lunchbox, Terrene, Persimmon Tree, Lost Sparrow Porcupine Anthology, Poets Reading the News. Her short story The Year of the Donkey was published by New Legends Anthology. In Canada she has been published in Carte Blanche and Quilliad. A chapbook Primal Elegies was published by Missing Link Press (Toronto). She self-published a chapbook of social justice poetry A Stone in My Shoe, is a co-founder of the renewed Art Bar Reading Series and the instigator of the Engaged Poetry Meet Up in Toronto. She reads widely in Toronto.

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