A Blade of Grass Between Two City Stones

by Mark Blickley

A spiked and oily chlorophyll kiss of triumph for a natural blend of scraping feet and gutter rat gnawing rooted in hardened concrete arteries of sensible suffocation under shadowed sun that tears like dew or cracked asphalt in a breakthrough of natural reflection within a stained layer of dirt distinguished from filth by a spark of color that screams at pedestrian populations passing the chance to marvel at the growth of feeling like a freak in primal ecstasy without constraints or complaints in sensual squeezes that rise up into a paved path living memorial to what  exists beneath the foot and above the fool scraping in time to his cemetery waltz ….

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Writers Bio

I live in NYC and this wonderul photo of lush nature reminded me of how precious and threatened any spark of nature exists in an urban environment.

Mark Blickley is author of the story collection Sacred Misfits (Red Hen Press) and his most recent play,The Milkman's Sister, was produced last Fall at NYC's 13th Street Repertory Theater Blickley is a proud member of the Dramatists Guild and PEN American Center. He recently published the text based art book, 'Weathered Reports: Trump Surrogate Quotes From the Underground.' (Moria Books, Chicago)

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