by Ashini J Desai

I gave you a piece of paper.

“This is my heart,” I said.


You deftly folded it:

turning sides into corners

folding over and over

in ways I had not known.


This magical construction would sail on the sea.

We let it float merrily.


It wasn’t a sudden capsize.

It wasn’t a sinking.


It was a weakening.

The boat absorbed the salty waters

until the fibers were shredding.

Then the rain came

and it dissolved.

Tattered papers drifted

into every direction.


I wondered if I could be seaworthy.

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Writers Bio

Ashini J. Desai balances creative writing with family, community and technology management career. Her poems have been published in anthologies Cities (2014), a 3-dimensional anthology Overplay/Underdone (2013), as well as journals such as River Poets Journal (2017), Philadelphia Poets (2009) and Thema (2007) and Asian-American poetry Word Masala (2010), Yellow as Tumeric, Fragrant as Cloves (2009). In addition, her essay was included in the following collections, Nancy Drew Anthology (2016), Labor Pains and Birth Stories (2009). She has written poetry and book reviews for South Asian-centric websites. Her personal website highlighting selected poems is

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