Hung Out To Dry

by Dylan Cusack

The feeling of incompetence is overshadowed by despondence

Questions cause annoyance, not much in the way of respondence


Feeling consistently rejected and unintentionally neglected

Instead of being dejected, just trying to feel connected


Nothing’s said outspokenly as people are untrustworthy

Exercised in futility, irrational hostility


Fed up clutching at straws only to find lost cause

Acting devoid of flaws, but feeling full of withdraw


Done with feeling dread and tired of seeing red

Fed up of being spoon fed all of the things that have already been said


Walking home slovenly, yet somehow feeling solemnly

That if you convince yourself intently tomorrow might play differently


But acts are consequential, you’re just avoiding the inevitable

You’ll wake up feeling dreadful and bad thoughts will be a headful

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Writers Bio

There's not much to say really. I studied art for 4 years before moving on to a media course.

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