bronx zoo

by Laura Minning

...I feel captive of the world around me,

as I glance through my cage

(of protection and confinement)

and see the passing eyes,

and hear the sounds of smiles,

I wonder of my fate and destiny.


For people accept me as a stuffed fascination,

and cage me without consent

(of hope or being).

Oh to live a life of freedom;

that is my ultimate dream.


And my friends are in my place,

(of a caged society)

and they wonder of me,

as I think of them.

For we wish for freedom

and demand to be heard.


So when I touch my bars of jail,

and see those passing eyes,

I feel ashamed.

(For it prevents me from forgetting

my board and captive life

and my friends of freedom’s shelters roam.)


For to be free is my painstaking goal,

and to run wild is my ever lasting dream…


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Writers Bio

 Laura Minning began writing creatively at the age of nine. She’s become an award-winning published poet and author since that time. All in all, she’s had one-hundred and seven individual poems, six articles, four short plays, two books and one piece of prose published both in hard copy and on-line. Her work has been featured in publications like “Literature Today”, “Amulet” and “Slate and Style”.


Laura received her first Editor’s Choice Award in 1993 for “bronx zoo” and her first International Merritt of Poetry Award in 1995 for “introspection” by the National Library of Poetry. recognized her work a decade later by granting her the title of International Poet of the Year.


Laura’s artistic accomplishments have been equally impressive. She’s had eighty-six original pieces exhibited and eleven images published. Her work has been displayed at venues like the VMFA Studio School, Trenton Free Public Library and Barcode.


The Barcode exhibit featured thirty-six pieces of Laura’s artwork during the month of February in 2016. Four pieces were sold over the course of opening weekend, and the exhibition was sponsored by Bacardi.


As a person who has reached for the stars and followed her own creative dreams, Laura hopes to inspire others to do the same. She donates part of all sale proceeds to charity, and anyone interested in learning more about Laura and her work is welcome to contact her directly at

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