The Nature of Snow

by Bill Cushing


is entirely unnatural:

As it descends

naturally, it seems

to move more sideways

than down

and at the same speed

so that, when

watching it from

an insulated interior,

it becomes difficult to tell

whether it floats down

or the world


When it falls

during times of sleep

or introspection,

it gives no warning.

Looking up, unaware,

you realize it is just

there--as though the world

has always been

this white

and deep.

It falls, silent, not echoing

on eaves or streets.

It does not crunch

so much

as it squeaks

when shoe soles

press down,

compressing it

into complaints

smothering all sounds

but those resulting

from its own condition.

Drifts create

an anechoic atmosphere:

Even dogs become

more silent

in it. Snow resides

above nature. It grows

in layers—

shifting later

to other shapes:

barricading buildings,


greenhouses from warmth,



a solitary chair in the

middle of a field.


Snow settles on tree limbs

and leaves

like a soft



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Writers Bio

Bill Cushing lived in several states along with the Virgin Islands, and Puerto Rico before moving to California. He earned an MFA in writing from Goddard College in Vermont and now teaches at East Los Angeles and Mt. San Antonio colleges, living in Glendale with his wife and their son.

 He’s been published in Another Chicago Magazine, Brownstone Review, Mayo Review, Metaphor, The Song Is, and West Trade Review. His poems have been featured in both volumes of the award-winning Stories of Music. He was recently named as one the Top Ten L. A. Poets in 2017 as well as having a poem featured by Lightkeepers, a Pasadena-based organization incorporating local writers and artists into Los Angeles middle and high school curricula.

Most recently, Bill was honored to have an anthology he contributed to (Lullaby of Teeth) named after a line from one of his poems in the book.

Along with writing, teaching, and facilitating a writing group (9 Bridges), Bill has also been performing with an area musician in a collaboration they have named Notes an Letters, which is available on both Facebook and Youtube.

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