by Deb Felio

Sitting here in plain sight without making any claims, 

people first fearing learn to relax 

about my name.

Call me Ms. D and I’m just one of you, maybe, 

a little more eccentric, and blending

with the crags and hidden dangers,

like the water and the skies.

Soon it seems on this vacation death is just

to worries and travails, perhaps trust

can begin to grow. 

I like you taking time off 

from living.

I don’t interfere, and you frequently approach

inquiring if I need anything

as I sit and wait

on the sands of time.

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Writers Bio

After working 30 years providing mental health services to families and children, Deb has returned to writing poetry, fiction and non-fiction as outlets to her observations, creativity and slightly twisted perspectives. She is active in writing communities in Colorado and currently constructing her writer’s web page.

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