Flying Lessons

by Judy Shepps Battle

Red-wing blackbirds

hundreds all hungry


arrive as dense cloud

descend to oval patch


ripe with hand-mixed seed

and unshelled peanuts


depart in small groups

leaving bare earth as


silent witness to their



I object

wave both arms furiously


but they steal the meal

put out for blue jays


robins, cardinals and

squirrels anyway.


Sensing human motion

and hostile energy the


blackbirds scatter briefly

returning even more bold.


We dance this two-step

with each visit as


my blood pressure rises

into a tower of frustration


until stubborn ego

remembers the wisdom


of Mother Teresa’s

whispered plea that


even the gluttonous

deserve to be fed.


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Writers Bio

Judy Shepps Battle has been writing essays and poems long before retiring from being a psychotherapist and sociology professor. She is a New Jersey resident, addictions specialist, consultant and freelance writer. Her poems have been accepted in a variety of publications including Ascent Aspirations; Barnwood Press; Battered Suitcase; Caper Literary Journal; Epiphany Magazine; Joyful; Message in a Bottle Poetry Magazine; Raleigh Review; Rusty Truck; Short, Fast and Deadly; the Tishman Review, and Wilderness House Literary Press.


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