by Deb y Felio

Fire flames on the mountain; fire forms in the clouds

The final calls are sounding piercing the fearful crowd

Breaking through the darkness - a burst of great light

warning the end is coming - make yourself right.

 Is it the creator, is that child or man

or armies rising up - can we know the plan?

Some say it’s little fife leading military band -

some say it’s Kokopelli -a trickster in the land.

Fear creates more fear /  destroys possibility

that a great light in darkness is not finality.

But what was thought as flame? Hope breaking through

lighting up the sky after darkness had its rue.


The crackling and the whispering that seemed to swell and swell?

Mere gusts and breeze through trees to say - my child, all is well.



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Writers Bio

Deb Felio is a writer of poetry, fiction, and essay in the mountains and woods of Boulder CO. After a couple of lifetimes in the mental health field helping others find their voices, she is enjoying the freedom to re-cultivate her own. She has been published online at quatrain.fish, righthand pointing, With Painted Words,Mercurialstories and in an upcoming anthology. She was the first runner up in Fiction for the ACC literary contest.  She is active with the Denver Lighthouse for Writers and online writing classes.  She shares her days with her faithful coffee supplier and husband, 2 rescued dogs, and a wonderful assortment of wildlife.

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