Glinda brings a Surprise

by Harmony Hodges

They floated from the sky

entered frozen Oz

in a time of great need

the munchkins distraught, their mayor gone mad


Glinda in bubble one

Surprise in bubble two

landed in soft snow, the quiet hush of


surrounded them


They waited in their bubbles

until one brave munchkin

came out from hiding

knocked on a bubble

and asked, “Glinda? Is that you?”


She stepped out of her bubble and replied,

“Yes, and I’ve brought your new leader”


The munchkins cried, rejoiced

and started sweeping snow

off the yellow brick road


“No!” Glinda said, pointing to the road

“We won’t be taking any journeys.

We’ve learned everything we need to know

from 1939 until now.”


The munchkins stopped what they were doing

then, without hesitation,

two feet appeared from the second bubble

wearing waterproof steel toed ruby slippers





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Writers Bio

Harmony Hodges is a mixed media artist living in the Pacific Northwest. She writes poetry and fiction.



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