the spider's sacks

by Barry Yeoman

to naked eye laid round as pearled dew

opaque as burgeoning worms that chew


and undulate webs on summer trees

their winter counterparts hidden weave


of crystal cushion glazed and fresh

holy secrets inside crawling flesh


winters needled pine nests complete

a hundred minuscule hearts that beat


and wait behind silky ornaments till

the filaments heat begins to spill


all beauty that in the end is cursed

when birthed in moonlight bubbles burst.

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Writers Bio

Barry Yeoman is a poet from Springfield, Ohio, currently living and writing in London, Ohio. He earned his B.A. in Liberal Studies: Literature and Creative Writing from Antioch University Midwest (Yellow Springs, Ohio), summer 2018 at the youthful age of 55. Submitting poetry since 2014 his work has appeared, or is forthcoming in Mission at Tenth, Common Ground Review, Lost Coast Review, Right Hand Pointing, Crack the Spine, Harbinger Asylum, Gravel, and Broad River Review, among other print and online journals. He is working on a first book-length manuscript. He can be reached at


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