2018-11-25 - Memoiral

Please consider the following work from my art project, the Anna Pierrepont Series [howardskrill.blogspot.com] for subject artwork for With Painted Words. I am attaching an images from 2018 from the series that have so far not been published, The project consists of plein air drawings and paintings of figurative public monuments and occasionally their absences, mostly in NYC, that are exhibited standing alone and incorporated into pictorial essays that explores the erasure of public and private memory. Recently, the project has been caught up in the current wave of iconoclasm and the related retaliatory violence that is sweeping the nation. My most recent pictorial essay 'Captain America on the Battlefields of Brooklyn' that has been published in May 2018 in Freezeray freezeraypoetry.com/15, May 2018. ArtIs On published a pictorial essay that I created in the aftermath of Charlottesville on the removal of portrait busts of Robert E. Lee and Thomas Stonewall Jackson from the Hall of Fame for Great Americans on the campus of CUNY-Bronx Community College in January 2018 http://artison.letras.ulisboa.pt/index.php/ao/article/view/141. The blog of Streetlight, a literary magazine out of Charlottesville, solicited my pictorial essay 'Teetering' before the violence of August overwhelmed their community. The essay was significantly revised in collaboration with the editors in Charlottesville in the aftermath of the violence and was finally published in late August 2017 https://streetlightmag.com/2017/08/27/teetering-drawings-by-howard-skrill/ and works from the series are scheduled for two significant thematic exhibitions on public art and political art in 2018 and 2019.  I am an artist/educator in Brooklyn, NY, where I teach art lecture and practice and live with my wife and one of my two adult sons. Thank you for your interest.  Howard Skrill 172 Fifth Ave. Brooklyn, NY, 11217 6462458345 skrib1@att.net #skrillhoward on Instagram howardskrill.blogspot.com

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