The Abyss

by Agnes Clarke


Cavernous wonders deep hidden abound

Dark and treacherous they call with no sound

Exploration engaged within the soul

A matter of daring each heartbeat unfolds


Anticipation, maps read with aplomb

Preparations so needy no tactics undone

Time has its place justification is utmost

Errors are outcasts true results matter most


Steps lead to the trial of man and of deed

Each team leader braced the expedition must succeed

Dressed and protected with helmets lit bright

Descending to darkness each step a lesson in fright


The tinkle of water and the earthy smell of damp

Sucked under the ground as if in a swamp

Boots laden with soft mud squelch with a squish

Stagnant and airless each step slow can’t rush


When with sudden wonder a cavern opens clear

Walls wet with green slime the tinkling sound again here

Heads lift with wonder earth’s hidden beauty on show

Stalactites dripping to meet with stalagmites below


A venture of mystery each cave to explore

Eyes keen to watch as the light traces forth

No creature stirs here in this under earth glory

When above ground again what a meaning full story

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Writers Bio

I have been writing poetry for quite a few years

I enjoy the challenge of creating my verse especially from pictures

I live in Lisburn N Ireland and have been married to John for 51 years

I am a retired housewife and grandmother to Jacob and Jesse

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