The Mountain

by Genie Koepnick

Cold sweeps through the mountains like it does every year, nipping at bare skin and seemingly slowing down time. The mountain from a distance starts to turn from a light blue to a deep purple, and once the snow started to fall the mountains look frosted like a cake. My home, not far from the base of the mountain, is the perfect place to sit and look at the rugged beauty of it all. The mountain needs no man to change and like clockwork the mountain changes. In the spring when the warmth comes back to the mountain so does life. The mountain sprouts tufts of green pine trees, signaling to animals it’s time to come home. Years go by and it's the same every year, the natural beauty comes and goes- yet remains the same. Man has tried to conquer the world, yet he will never be able to change the way of the mountain.

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