by Arlene Antoinette

We’re locked in stone/my mother and I/ it’s a testament of our weariness/ our unwillingness to move forward/ after he left us ten years ago/ his last words to us a scream between gasps/ his truth rushing out from a mouth as dark as a sepulcher/he needed to find a better life/ some kind of fairytale happiness to fulfill the childish dreams/ so we waited in stillness for love to hasten his return/ hours became days/ days became weeks/ weeks became months/ months became years/ our hearts broke/ our hearts hardened/ our love and our bodies/ turned to stone/

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Writers Bio

Arlene Antoinette writes poetry, flash fiction and song lyrics. Arlene's work can be found at: Foxglove Journal, Amaryllis Poetry, Little Rose Magazine, Your Daily Poem and elsewhere on the web.

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