Tainted Sun

by Ehud Sela



This image moves me Roman

It breathes solitude

A loneliness that lingers

That trails with me

Along the monorail.


The train guided by computers

And in the balloon, perhaps,

The last escapees

But from whom

Or from what?


The sun was bleached to orange

Not blinding anymore

But no warmth neither

As all is cold

So cold.


Ahead the large impaling

Structure waits:

Us the victims

Us the criminals

Silent and unmoving,


Reflecting in the tainted sun

The end.


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Writers Bio

Dr. Ehud Sela owns and operates a Veterinary Animal Hospital in Margate, Florida. Dr. Sela writes both poetry and prose. His writings can be found in the following magazines:


Virgogray Press/Carcinogenic Poetry, Sacramento Poetry Art & Music, Joyful, Gloom cupboard, Sage of consciousness, Artistry of life, Events Quarterly, Mind Fire, Munyori poetry journal.

Print Magazines:

The Ugly Tree, Mucus Art Press, UK 

A Hudson View, Poetry Digest, USA

Ouroboros review, USA/UK.

Print Anthologies:

Virgogray press: National Poetry Month Anthology, April 2010.

And The Saison Poetry Library: The SouthBank Centre: online archive, London, UK.



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