Children of the Wasteland

by Meggie Nelson

In a cradle of tangled mattress springs and electrical wires

where twine and lace threads weave a sagging hammock,

where dead rose petals, scraps of silk purses, and little feathers

tucked away inside a battered baseball cap make a pillow,

the children of the wasteland get ready for their bedtime.

A lullaby of machinery and the whine of little insects

hovering around mobiles of twisted spoons and coat hangers

serenades them as they count the off-dark violet night clouds

to lull themselves to lands of green and sky blue and molten gold sun honey

and of pure white untainted by the wear of years of machinery dust.

Looking up at a sky of smog and snake venom breath

they catch a glimpse of the solitary star that remains

still flickering against the onset of the encroaching dark

and know they’ll carry good luck into their dreams of gardens

even if it’s just a distant lantern in the sky.

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Writers Bio

Meggie Nelson is a writer, artist, and snail enthusiast who enjoys pulling inspiration from natural phenomena in our world to better flesh out her own personal realms. She has been known to get emotional over unique stuffed animals and spends entirely too much of her time hitting snooze in the mornings because she wants to see how her dreams will end.

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