The Joining

by Laura Craig

My eyes are closed. My face is in the shadows. My back lies against the coolness of a rock. Arched slightly to match the curve of stone beneath me. I feel the sun warm against my exposed skin. Bare, naked flesh, drinking in the heat. My naval soaks up the bulk of her warm rays. Gently a breeze washes over my vulnerability. Curtains of muslin draped from low laying branches sway rhythmically. They offer little privacy, and less protection. I smell earth, freedom. It is among nature, that force that honors Mother, the female can escape the bonds she has acquired. It is here, and only here, I can satisfy my unclothe form.

The wind runs suddenly fast across my chest, evoking a heavy sigh that is released from my lungs. One hand supports my head, cradling it maternally, safely off the hard stone. Breasts, plump with passion, rise and fall. Heavy labored breath pours from my hot parted lips. My touch is only a part of the pleasure I receive. The sky, the open air, the earth, the empty space I lay in. Boulders, some brown, some sandy, some oddly shaped, some young, some old, some polished, some chipped and scarred. All beautiful. Here beauty is unbiased. The world itself is exquisite. I’m amongst the unjudged. The loved for simply being. Deep below my primal physical self, my spirit awakens. Joins my longing and seeks its own solace. A distant song of peace, sung out clearly by a passing sparrow hits my ears, and I exhale.

Now free, enraptured by the rawness of authentic pleasure. I marvel at the simplicity of enabling the wild earth to participate. She has no agenda. She has no malice. She has no pride that drives her to withhold the stars from my sight tonight. The sun she keeps hidden below the horizon, will emerge on time as morning dawns each new day, unencumbered by our actions.

I lay still. Eyes tightly drawn closed for there is nothing that sound and feeling can’t know. My lids project images from my mind bringing a smile to my mouth. In the dark I visualize my body, free and exposed to the wilderness. I feel my soul joining as my serene partner engulfs me. My touch guides my thoughts, giving detail to the pictures I see. Alone, with her all around. The fresh, the new, the ancient, the just. Ours is symbiotic. Bare and pure, fragile and strong. The visceral is gratified. The spiritual is liberated.

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Writers Bio

My name is Laura Craig. I currently live is Santa Cruz, CA where I was born and raised. I spend most of my time either at the beach, or hiking in the redwoods. I write poetry and short stories, which have yet to make me rich or famous. What my writting has done, is keep me sane and give me a place to sort through my emotions and ease past hurts. 

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