by Colleen Driscoll

In the night symphony, frog sits on a rotted log  

beneath moss-draped branches

while curling mist

moves over the earthy scented swamp.

Watching the conductor, he waits for his entrance.


Breathing stagnant air, he begins

his soft croak ostinato,

continuing a deep bellowing hum

until the maestro waves the baton faster,

and the frog moves to a falsetto in a high-pitched theme.


Newts, slugs, and beavers pause in admiration.

An enchanted female leaps onto a stone and waits.  

The frog checks the nuptial pad on his moist hand

and jumps. He begins the cadenza.


His crescendo builds to a deafening call

as maestro gestures, “Fortissimo!”

Frog holds the last note

in a booming fermata.

Fish ripple water with splashing applause.


The maestro cues the orchestra entrance.

Dragonflies, snakes, and mosquitoes,

continue their cacophonic symphony

as frog takes a bow

and hops away.

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Writers Bio

Colleen Driscoll is a writer from the U.S. and has written poetry, adult novels and children's books.

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