Frame of Mind

by Debbi Antebi

Right from the beginning, she tried to contain their relationship in a picture frame that showcased a happy couple in love. Just to maintain the image, she pressured him into becoming a husband whose only priority was his wife. But when life got in the way of her impossible plans, she felt betrayed and began to unravel like a thread.

Throwing accusations at him like poisoned arrows, she blamed him for spending more time at work than at home, for ruining her idea of a marriage, for not wanting to change. The more she tried to pull him closer, the more she drove him away. Until love, tolerance and loyalty - the three delicate threads that’d once tied them together - bled away drop by drop.

Eventually he escaped the picture frame, but she remained trapped among the cobwebs of her mind. In his absence, she longed for a past she’d ruined with her bare hands, which made her abhor herself for her mistakes. She could never say goodbye to him, but at last she managed to say goodbye to herself.

Tired of facing the reflection of longing on her face, she walked into the tall mirror in the bedroom and she never came back. The shards of the mirror reflected pieces of their past together, until a pool of blood swallowed and made them all disappear.



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Writers Bio

Debbi Antebi has work published or forthcoming in Six Sentences, FlashShot, Apollo’s Lyre, and several other publications. She lives in Istanbul, Turkey.

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