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Frank Tuttle is a professional educator and photographer. He holds degrees in science and education and is a national board certified teacher.
He has a passion for photography and has been a professional photographer for 3+ years.
Prior to that, he was a videographer and editor for his own business.
He lives in Central Ohio and has a finacee, two boys, and two collies.
Web site: http://www.tuttleimages.com

Grace Nuth is a library employee who spends her spare time in artistic pursuits related to the Pre-Raphaelites, fairy tales, and other bits of magic.
She draws, paints, models for photographs, and also runs her pet project, a blog on the Pre-Raphaelites called The Beautiful Necessity (http://thebeautifulnecessity.blogspot.com )
Don't get her started on Victorian art, or you'll never shut her up again.

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