Her Nose in a Book

by Emelia Ambos

The young captive
stands behind a locked door.
Fingers wound in her copper braid,
she awaits the change of the guard.
Hiding behind the cover of her book,
the last remainder of her life before

captivity, her life before
torture, before becoming a captive
the last thread, the book
gently taps the locked door.
Waiting for the next guard,
absently rubbing her dirty braid.

She loops the disheveled braid
around her finger, and before
catching the eye of the guard,
who smiles malevolently at his captive
she ducks behind the door
and covers her face with the book.

She winces in the book,
runs her hand over her braid
and leans her head on the door,
hoping reverently that before
he gets any ideas about his captive
she will see a new guard.

She looks over to see the guard,
leans to step upon on her book
remnant of her life within captivity.
She runs her fingers over the braided
bookmark, grief worn, and as before,
she peeks through chamber door,

her hand ready on the door.
She can’t see the foolish guard
who set the keys on the table before
he left. She drops her book,
courageously wraps her braid
around her fingers, a freed captive.

Before she opens the door,
she smirks at her captive guard,
picks up her book, and loosens her braid.

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Writers Bio

A red head, like the girl in the photograph, I'm a budding poet who writes with painted words.

Like the girl in the poem, I'm writing my way to freedom with painted words.

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