by Hugh Fox

Not needing to slide into nightmare sleep any more,
the dayrooms of my-time filled with the canine-cuspid-
fangs of all the wrong No’s that I slapped across the
timeface of my Brooklyn-Detroit-Chicago South Side-
Budapest-Prague past, screaming "Traitor, violent, killer!"
at me through my 90% awake nights, “Who the sexless were
you really?,” eighty-fiving slowly from here-Hell into
Permanence, will they even know who I (maskified by
Time/Genetic Essence) am at the Gates of Condemnation?







Born in Chicago, 1932,polio at age 5,cured with new pre-Saulk experimental medicine,childhood immersed in opera, violin, piano, musical composition, art by his ex-violinist-turned-M.D. father, and frustrated actress mother, then 3 years of pre-med and a year of Medicine, dropped out of medical school and got a B.S. (Hum.) and M.A.(English) from Loyola Chicago, first trip to Paris,London,Florence, Rome, Amsterdam, etc., then a American Literature from the U. of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign).Married Peruvian poet Lucia Ungaro de Zevallos. Prof. of American Literature, Loyola University in Los Angeles (now Loyola Marymount University) , 1958-1968,Professor in the Department of American Thought and Language, Michigan State University (1968-1999).Now retired, Professor Emeritus . Fulbright Professor of American Studies/Literature, U. of Hermosillo, Mexico, 1961, U. Católica and Institúto Pedagógico, Caracas, 1964-1966, U. of Florianópolis, Brazil, 1978-1980. Married Maria Bernadete Costa M.D. 1 yr. studying Lt. Am. culture at Mendoza Foundation (Caracas) with Mariano Picon-Salas. Organization of American States Grant to study Latin American Studies/Argentinian Literature, U. of Buenos Aires, 1971. John Carter Brown Library Fellowship, Brown U. , 1968 (Studies in sixteenth and seventeenth century Spanish economics and avant-garde literature). OAS grant as archaeologist, Atacama Desert, Chile, 1986.Lectures in Spain and Portugal 1975-’76. Founder and Board of Directors member of COSMEP, the International Organization of Independent Publishers, from 1968 until its death in 1996. Editor of Ghost Dance: The International Quarterly of Experimental Poetry, 1968-1995. Latin American editor of Western World Review & North American Review, during 60’s. Former contributing reviewer on Smith/ Pulpsmith, Choice etc. currently contributing reviewer to SPR and SMR.105 books published, the most recent Defiance (Higganum Hill Press, 2007) (poetry), Finalmente/Finally (Solo Press, 2007) (poetry), Opening the Door to French Film (World Audience, 2007) , Rediscovering America (World Audience, 2009) (archaeology), Alex (poetry chapbook, Rubicon Press), Peace/LaPaix (Higganum Hill,2008, another poetry chapbook), The Collected Poetry (World Audience, 2008...540 pages), Icehouse & The Thirteen Keys to Talmud (Crossing Chaos Press in London, Ontario. A novella and sci fi novel, 2009), Revoir (s.stories, All Things that Matter Press, 2009).



"Hugh Fox has long been a legend in the annals of contemporary American poetry, a poet who is unafraid to explore the deeper fodder of the human psyche....there are no barriers here for Fox is a shaman who walks through walls, ignoring all social rules and is life as art. Fox is a poet who paints without inhibition or games....these are poems of human history, which cry out to be heard and read...."
(A review of Time by B.L. Kennedy, Rattlesnake Review, #9, Spring, 2006).

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Writers Bio

Hugh Fox just hit 78, which he finds hard to believe.
A college American Lit/Film/ writing professor for 50 years. 110 books published, his latest THE COLLECTED POETRY OF HUGH FOX (540 pp.), published by World Audience in NYC.
He just finished a book of poetry written in Portuguese during a trip to visit his wife's family in Brazil. Translated the poems into English after he got back to the U.S., "the hardest part...."

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