Ghost of the Powder Room

by Evelyn Evans

Queens in silk gowns and powdered wigs twirl.
Their faces hide behind fluttering fans.
Kings in white tights and black buckled shoes
Tote stoic expressions and regal scepters.
My footsteps reverberate in a hall
Full of mirrors– Poltergeists of Versailles
Dance eerily, their reflections flicker
Between marble columns, “Let them eat cake.”
Under their gold ceiling dripping crystal,
I am the masked jester in the presence
Of opulence, where haunted charcoal wings
Dust the scene with a thousand words.
Even Napoleon once said, “A throne
Is only a bench covered with velvet.”

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Writers Bio

I am an 18 year old who finds great pleasure in art, camping, friends, nature and expressing my innermost thoughts and feelings through poetry.
Poetry is my canvas and words are my paint.

This sonnet is an observation through the eyes of a jester on the temporal quality of royalty.
I also found it fascinating that Napoleon coined the phrase, "A picture is worth a thousand words".

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