Two Livers

by Harmony Hodges

She marinated two livers

for dinner that night

one in Coke and one in Sprite.


Then carefully examined

in a room of full of crimson


“Oh no I’m not,

I’m not through with you.”


She molded and muscled

and mustered the edges

till they looked like spuds

of potato wedges.


Then zapped and clapped and patted

them proper

till they slid into the pan

with a sheer tomato plopper.


She sat at the table and watched

out the window

a pair of geese

at home in her yard.


Then ate each liver with evil delight

One bite, two bites, three bites, four

and thought of her dinner

for the very next night.


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Writers Bio

I live in Portland Oregon and I hate liver.


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