2010-06-01 - Caution

Hi my name is Lyndon Irwin I’m 29 and am a Web/Graphic Designer with an interest in photography. I look at normal thing and try to see what could be there. Well I needed to say something profound LOL

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Pieces Inspired by this Image

'Something's Broken'
by Saman Naquvi

'Vigilance and Library Days'
by KJ Hannah

'Early to Bed is Early to Rise, But Do It without Me'
by Ray Succre

by Tricia Sutton

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Simply put this is a creative writing site that puts the adage, "a picture paints a thousand words" to the test. The premise is that, each month, an image will be given as a visual prompt and you will have up to one thousand words to tell the story that you are inspired to write ... using your imagination as the canvas and language as your brush.

We are open to submissions of artwork to inspire stories and stories inspired by the artwork - how very Ouroboros of us!

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