A date for dinner

by Crystal

Stood up by a date for dinner,

I was both hungry and in a bad mood.

The path home was by urban sidewalks,

that snaked through streets absent of life,

or so I believed.

The whistle came first,

followed by a smack of lips,

from the shadows behind.

I considered the contents of my purse,

the mace and my butcher knife.

Along the lighted path I continued,

a peek over my shoulder revealed my follower,

a glimpse at his hands showed the dozen roses that he held,

my date for dinner had caught up with me.

I allowed him time to give an apology,

before I corrected him,

he had not been late for our dinner date,

he had been late for my date for dinner.

They say humans tastes like chicken,

I never very much cared for chicken.

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Writers Bio

My name is Crystal and I am a writer, poet, and crafter.

From the time I could pick up a writing instrument I was
writing...technically...since only my childhood mind could understand
what it was that I was putting to paper. I am sure that those early
stories amused me and that they were filled with the things of fairy
Today, I have a mind cluttered with characters and their
stories that are eager to be written about. I hope you enjoy reading my

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