Party Favors

by Harmony Hodges

She always wore gloves

while inserting feathers

into styrofoam bodies of birds.


Donning a mask

of iridescent sheen

and a devilish grin

she began.


One feather

two feathers

she whistled a tune

‘til a thwack at the door

made her stop in mid plume.


“Poe! Poe!”

cried impatient crows,

Bo, Moe, and Joe.


Ebony sheer, nothing to fear

completed bodies

legs, beaks intact,

packages of styrofoam

all had been cracked.


Then a licorice whip wine

in a marmalade sky

signaled now,

finally was time.


So she opened the door

to a thunderous clap

and cheers from a

murder of crows.


With her creations in tow

her peacock skirt flowing,

she loaded her wares

in the chariot snug.


Black lightning cracked

anticipation roared

nervous chitter chatter

gloves thrown overboard.

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Writers Bio

I live in Portland Oregon. I love to write or do crafts while watching the crows at my birdbath.

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