Death in a Dream

by DewRina Lee

There was no existence

As darkness tumbled around me.

My feet balanced on nothing

And my eyes perceived nothing

But my ears heard the unmistakable cries

Of the devil.


There was nothing to grasp

And no air to freely flow through me—

There was only a sound,

A sound that repeatedly taunted me—

Testing my fears

And deafening my ears.


There was nothing about

But the voice was coming close;

I sensed the cold chill that crept from my feet

To my heart

And I suffered while its claws slithered over my skin,

Leaving me numb and whimpering.


There was no one

And I have become empty inside

I felt the tightness of my throat closing up—

Blood stopped coursing through my mapped veins—

I gave in;

For I will never go back to that hellish place.


Alas, I am awake!

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