Now You See It...

by Sharayah Hooper

So again I rise before the crow, and slip out of the house unnoticed. I take to the streets and meet the whistling chill head on and face forward. I’m hushed, whisper walking through the stone alley. Curling around sharp and winding turns alike, I can hear the pebbles scatter with each of my footfalls, a sound that strikes adventure to my ears. Yet my slipper-ed feet barely make a patter against the chilled ground.

These spider web pathways I am venturing have twisted me in circles many times. But I’m praying it won’t take too long to arrive at my destination. I am aiming to meet the sunrise. At the far end of the village, there sits a tall flight of stony steps. At the top of these steps waits the perfect venue.

The sudden breath of pale light over the stone walls surrounding me, warns me I must pick up my pace, must sharpen my eye if I am to make it on time. But every round-about, every right angle I encounter, only reveals another lane, another stretch of ground to cover in search of my rendezvous.

Chancing upon a small archway, I glimpse a spray of blush-colored light. Pausing in my step, I lean against the stone’s curve and witness a shower of rays shatter over a rocky wall several feet ahead. Stunned, I catch the warmth on my face and seal the rapture within my racing heart. One phrase escapes my parched lips, “I can see it from here.”

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Writers Bio

Sharayah C. Hooper absolutely adores losing herself in a book. And not many feelings can compare to the wonderful rapture that comes when piece of writing is completed. A large portion of her writing can be found on the website Collective Banter.  

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