The snake has no ears

by Harmony Hodges

With an attitude like a piranha

and a glide like molten lava

the ripple of the Diamondback

migrated through the desert.


In the distance

an owl

stalked the diamondback

but finally gave up

and caressed a chasm near

the plateau of a rock.


“Pssshaw,” the snake said,

then slithered through dry brush.

It flattened a wildflower,

then tongued a





The scorpion spoke

on behalf of his desert friends

with amplified reverberation:



Kill quickly.

Temper justice with mercy -

the weak will

be too strong for you

at this time of day…”


But his words drifted away

on a strand of wind

as a force in the distance beckoned the snake.


A white light.

no, a rabbit.

A temple of energy

A mound of blood.


The snake crept

then paused

then dove

with teeth made of talons.

The rabbit ran as

the sun set

beneath a

slit throat sky.


The rabbit fell

and fixated

on the last cottontail cloud



as the venom s l o w l y pervaded.


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