Party Night

by Nick Hale

She’s hardly there, swaying along the wall haloed by smoke and sweat.

Alcohol and smoke make her an oil painting. The noise, the music, make her a mute.

Booze pools at the feet of the chair, seeping into the bottom of her dress.

She stares through the window, silently howling at the moon.

It reflects in her eyes for a second as she turns to look right at me.

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Writers Bio

Nick Hale is a literal and metaphorical hat collector, performance poet, entrepreneur, educator, speaker,  radio co-host,  and editor.  Nick has worked on several anthologies including Songs of Sandy, a collection of poems about Hurricane Sandy and other natural disasters made to raise money for the hurricane relief effort( ).  He is also the editor-in-chief of the newly minted Perspectives Quarterly, a quarterly magazine of poetry, essays, and articles concerning autism and other disabilities.  Nick is a founder and the current vice-president  of the Bards Initiative, a Long-Island based not for profit organization dedicated to using poetry for social change.  He also helps manage its sister organization Local Gems Poetry Press( ) .  Nick can be heard every Thursday on Human Potential, an ANCA weekly radio show airing via blogtalkradio ( )

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