Midnight Stardust

by Samantha Seto

The clock strikes twelve,

voice soaked in red wine from the ball,

I walk under a wide-stretched bridge.


Avenues of trees made of diamonds,

evil spirits haunt me, hidden shadows.

Halfway through, I step out of my glass slipper.


Forbidden majesty, powerful realm of king and queen.

Stardust clouds the drawbridge, circling the castle,

over the moats, light travels sideways.


Tired, I throw myself to the ground.

Curled up, bent next to a stone under cracking twigs.

The sky as obdurately black and blank as hate,

lavish party dress turns into grayish-brown beaten, morbid rags.


Grasp fabric around myself, eyes bewildered,

magical dust escapes, mirror of dreadful screams.

Hysteria whispers, end of the world.


One story disheartening, under a spell.

Fooled by an evil stepmother,

Never discover my true love, star-crossed life.

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Writers Bio

Samantha Seto is a writer. She has been published in various anthologies including Ceremony, Soul Fountain, Nostrovia Poetry, Coffee Table Poetry, The Screech Owl, and Black Magnolias Journal. Samantha studies creative writing.

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