In Pale Green Eyes

by Eli Rickson

In pale green eyes, Swift’s feline life played out like a real-time motion picture. A thousand images and a hundred adventures decorated my mind with life and survival and pleasure like I had not felt since I followed my older brother across Annabelle River.

I remember clutching that old fallen oak and staring at the bulging, after-storm current beneath me, wishing all of life could be like that. Fast like the river, intrepid like my brother, and surging with adrenaline. But Swift slept more than any living creature I’d ever known, conserving her energy for the hunt or to search for entertainment.

She was either in rest or at play, and never just existing or wishing there were more to her existence. She slept to survive and to thrive. I longed to be like her while she longed for me to run my pink fingernails through her fur. The conflict dissolved within me like the pale green eyes could heal, and for the first time since Dad left, I was happy again.

My superior intellect had afforded me only the opportunity to realize how incredibly naive and foolish I must appear through the eyes of a feline, and to gain the ability to laugh at my self-pity. I sat down to do my homework that night with a new perspective: this was rest; soon I would play.

The cat brought me back to life.

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Writers Bio

Eli Rickson enjoys anonymity and great writing. Born in Iceland, he learned the humility of a simple life and the pleasure of being unknown. When he’s not writing, you’ll find him running, reading, spending time with family, or working as a job developer for Ohioans with disabilities.

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